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Hi Guys

So we all know a girl needs a gorgeous nude lipstick in her collection. It's the law. There are lot of cult MAC nudes that knock around the blogosphere such a shy girl and hue but one I haven't seen a lot of is kinda sexy.

I picked this lipstick up just before Christmas while looking for a lovely nude shade, a lot of people will be put off when I say this is a matte lipstick however it's not drying and doesn't drag along the lips like some of it's matte sisters.

MAC describe this a neutral pinky rose. It seems to have some peachy/coraly undertones that show up in certain lights.

Now we all know the disadvantages of matte lipsticks so I'm not going to repeat it but personally I love this lipstick and can't get enough of it. It's definitely to one to swatch next time you are at a MAC counter.

Kinda Sexy retails at £13.50 can be purchased from MAC stores, the website and various counters such as Debenhams and Selfridges. 

Have you ever tried kinda sexy? Will you be trying it?


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  1. This looks, kind of sexy!!
    Haha I'm cringing at saying that but I felt I had too :)
    It looks lovely on you :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. This colour is gorgeous!

    Xox Soph

  3. This colour is perfect on you! :) it's gorgeous! xxx

  4. Such a pretty Spring colour! :)

    I've tagged you in the '10 Little Secrets Tag' on my blog :)


  5. oh i want to try this out, it looks a gorgeous colour! :)x

  6. Pretty colour Shen! Nice and spring-y! I've awarded you with the blogger appreciation award which Rachel at Treat Party awarded me. Love your blog :) x

  7. Such a gorgeous shade! Think this may have to be my next "Back to Mac" shade! xox


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